Netia off-camera independent film festival

On April 28th Krakow will be holding the 10th annual Independent film festival ‘Off-Camera’

Guests of this year’s festival will include Barlomiej Tope, Katarzyna Herman, Arkadiusz Jakubika, Marta Minorowicz, Nevio Marasovic, Pawel Jadczak, Anette Hickinbotham, and Krzysztof Terej.

Four categories will be present at this years festival.

‘Till Death Do Us Apart’ will cover films that return to romance. Melodramas with a new face that will be sure to plunge tears into your eyes. So we shall see.

‘The Future Starts Now’ will look into what will be.

‘The Strong Sex’ for those interested in the roles of woman in modern society.

‘People are Fiction’ will focus on the human condition. A fresh look at humanity and its relation with the unnatural.

This year children are also invited as there will be regular day time screenings of family movies.

Seminars and QA sessions will also be taking place daily with the films actors, producers, and directors.  Some of the stars you can be sure to see are Maciej Musial, Marta Nieradkiewicz, Jacek Braciak, Venessa Alexander, Eryk Kulm, Malgorzata Kozuchowska, Urszula Grabowska, Bartlomiej Topa, Veronica Rosati and others. Movie central will be holding its regular location on Plac Szczepanski, just around the corner from our office. There guests can meet face to face with internet stars. On the plac you will also be able to enter the Netia tent where this year’s film stars will tell us some of the secrets in filming such movies as the Magic of Y, and innovations in tourism, and how to tell a story useing travel footage. (Lovelajft, Tastytrip, the World by Bus)

On May 5th Netia Off Camera will honor one of the most famous Polish directors in the history of cinema who recently passed away; Andrzej Wajda. In his memory we will be screening a polish literary masterpiece directed by Mr. Wajda himself; Pan Tadeusz.

This year the festival will be supported musically by its sister project Off Stage. During the 7 nights of the festival there will be 7 nights of concerts of independent music.

10 films will compete for best drama and the 300000PLN prize given by the Kulczyk Foundation. The winner of this prize will also receive the main award of  100 000 000 USD. All will be known of the 6th of May. The jury will consist of Victoria Thomas, who worked alongside Quentin Tarantino as his casting director, Joanna Johnston; British costume designer who is known for her work with Robert Zemecki and Steven Speilberg, and last but not least Walter Fasano, editor and director.  The honor of lead juror will be held by Agnieszka Holland.

The completion for best actor in a drama will be led by 7 actresses and 7 actors that will be fighting for the 10000PLN prize funded by Albert Riele and Gino Rossi.


This year’s inauguration screening will be Emir Kursturica’s ‘On the Milky Road.’

Cinephiles get ready!

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