May 3rd Consitution

May 3rd, 1791 is the date of the 2nd oldest constitution in the world after the United States and the first modern constitution in Europe.  As a result, May 3rd is a holiday in today’s Polish Republic.  On this day the entire country flies the red and white colors of the Polish flag.  To the point where May 2nd has become known as flag day.  Poland is the only country I know of that constructs its buildings with the foresight of May 3rd.  As most buildings have a flag pole installed on them.  Even Krakow’s 15,328 seated Tauron arena will be covered in red and white LED bulbs.  On this day we remember Polish soldiers that fell for the country.  In Krakow, after holding a mass at the Wawel cathedral a military parade walks through the old town to the tomb of the unknown soldier on Plac Matejki, one of the first stops on our city bike tour.  It is there that high-ranking government and military officials speak to the people about the importance of this day in Polish history. At 5:00 PM in the main square songs of a patriotic nature will be sang and taught. Alongside all these events a patriotic tram will be decorated in Poland’s colors and rolling around the city full of singers of more patriotic songs.  Even if you’re not polish you will find the energy in the country will be a little elevated on this day, as we are proud to be Polish.