Beerweek Festival

If you have been to Poland before you may have been struck by strange site of ladies drinking beer from a straw.  The straw isn’t actually there to be drunk from but rather is used to stir the raspberry or ginger syrup at the bottom of the pint glass.  People who don’t like the bitter taste of beer can order syrup in it to sweeten the flavor.  This weekend in Krakow you won’t have to that as you can find beer infused with these sweet fruity flavors.

This weekend the Cracovia stadium becomes a beer-lovers paradise, as the third annual beer week begins.

When I arrived in Poland 11 years ago there were only 4 large breweries; Zywiec, Okocim, Tyskie, and to a lesser degree Perla and they all tasted pretty much the same.  Today there are hundreds of breweries to chose from! You can find anything from dark coffee porters to earl gray lagers. And this Saturday we will have a futbol stadium full of beer.  Movies will be shown, beer will be drunk, and conversations will be had all weekend.  And some point you will find the Cruising Krakow team sitting at table 23.


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