Wianki: The Reef fesitival

As the longest day has just come, it’s time to stay out all night and party! This celebration goes back to pagan times when bonfires and dances were had to ensure health and good harvest.  It’s called the reef festival because on this night girls make reefs and placed them on their heads like crowns.  At night these reefs are placed in the river lit with candles and set afloat.  If a bachelor finds your reef on the river he will be your future husband.  If your reef sinks to the bottom you will remain a spinster forever.  To this day a contest for the most beautifully decorated reef is held.

During the day our medieval fair for Saint John’s day is held alongside the river.  You can feel as though you are walking through a medieval village with blacksmiths, bakers, and wenches. You can listen to music of yore and party like its 1200.

The reef festival is also a festival of music and dance.  And if you have not noticed by now stages have been set up all around town; on the main square, Szczepanski square, Podgorze square, and even in Nowa Huta.

The celebration culminates with a fireworks display on the river at the foot of the castle at 10:45 pm.

All these events in Krakow take place free of charge and beverages will be plentiful. Remember if you rented a bike from us overnight drinking and riding can lead to a five hundred zloty fine.  Enjoy responsibly.

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