Eagles’ Nest Bike Tour

June 17th -20th Cruising Krakow will be organizing its first multi-day bike tour.  A true gem when it comes to biking southern Poland.  This part of Poland was under the sea in the Mesozoic epoch today we are blessed with gorgeous rock formations that create beautiful valleys which make for a glorious bike trail.  Besides the natural beauty created by these valleys, we will also be riding past the ‘Eagles’ Nests;’ which are a string of castles and fortresses built to guard the medieval trading route. Our destination is Czestochowa, home to the Pauline monastery and of the Black Madonna, Poland’s holiest shrine.  Along the way, we will be stopping at these castles and staying at 3-star hotels. On day 2 our hotel will have a spa to rejuvenate those tired muscles.

This tour is for the average cyclist who would like to cover  50-70Km daily at a moderate rate.  This tour is about exploring Poland’s rich past on a bike and discovering its unique natural beauty and NOT necessarily the ‘Tour de Pologne’.  If all goes well we hope to offer this tour once a month in the summer.  Come join us on an adventure you won’t forget.

You can find all the booking details on the link below