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Gain some knowledge while cruising the city streets, get off the beaten path and discover some of southern Poland's natural beauty, or hit the trails and head for the mountains and see Krakow from above!

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The joys of this tour lie not only in what you will discover but also in the simple pleasures of biking through the leafy Planty gardens, along the lazy Vistula river and through the colorful streets of Kazimierz. Despite being extensive, the tour is not too strenuous and is suitable for all levels of fitness. There are plenty of stops for historical explanations and photo opportunities. The duration of the bike tour is 4 to 4.5 hours, including a  45min break for lunch at a traditional Polish restaurant where you can order anything from pierogies to our favorite Żurek ( sour wheat soup ).


Our City Bike Tour begins everyday under the Adam Mickiewicz statue in the main market square. No need for bikes quite yet. We meet first, introduce ourselves and the city before heading off together to equip each of our guests with a beach cruiser of their own. If you would like to book your tour please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and wait for an email response.

• Old Town Square

• Planty gardens

• Wawel Castle

• Bohemian Kazimierz

• Schindler's Factory

• Jagiellonian Univ.

• Dragon cave

• Franciscan Church

• Medieval city walls

• Bishop's palace

• Jewish quarter

• Old Jewish cemetery

• New Jewish cemetery

• Vistula River

• St. Anne's Church

• Old Synagogue

• WW II Jewish Ghetto

• Path of Pope JP II


4 hours

12 KM

40 m

• Lunch Included

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The country tour takes you along the Vistula river to Tyniec, a small town 12km west of Krakow, famous for its 11th century Benedictine abbey.  Founded in 1044, the abbey played a crucial military role in Poland's Christian restoration and the nation's rebuilding.


The tour begins along the Vistula river on a smooth bike path and leads you through southern Poland's picturesque countryside. You will pass through age-old woods, see crumbling forts and cycle past some of the lakes that surround Krakow. Upon arrival at Tyniec, you'll have a chance to explore the ancient grounds, take photographs of breathtaking scenery and visit the gift shop, which is full of monk-made products prepared by the monks.


The essence of the tour is a relaxed, scenic country cycle rather than the stop-start nature of the city tour. You'll cover a total of 24km on a ride lasting nearly four and a half hours. The tour departs in the afternoon and returns in the evening. A backpack is recommended as it will allow you to transport food, water or gifts back from Tyniec. Keen photographers take note: the country tour will stop at a point overlooking Krakow and is timed to coincide with the sunset.

• Vistula River

• Twardowski Cliffs

• Benedictine Abbey

• Tyniec Village

• Kayak Slalom

• Tyniec Forest

4 hours


25 KM

120 m

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Nestled north east of Krakow's old town is the worker's paradise built for the employees of Lenin's steel mill plant. Ride with us back in time to our not so distant past and visit a city that to this day is the ideal example of urban socialist architecture and design. Along the way we will get to see Krakow's airbase that was destroyed during the second world war, the church of Our Lord's ark that was a symbol of communist revolt, and of course the steel mill plant that once held Vladimir Lenin's name.

• Aviation museum

• Church of Our  Lords' Ark

• Lenin's steel mill plant

• Ronald Reagon square

4 hours



120 m

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Tour 1 - Mounds Tour • 22-35Km • 140zł

This tour is for those that can only spend half a day on a bike, as the Wolski forest is minutes from the old town and is equipped with numerous trails for every level of mountain biker. On this tour the historical attractions are the mounds of Tadeusz Kościusko and Joseph Piłsudski, two of Polands independence fighters. The mounds were built by citizens in homage to these famous war heroes. Our guide will choose your descent based on your riding level. These mounds are nestled in the Wolski natural reserve. A 417 hectare forest full of trails ranging from intermediate, to Poland's first official advanced single track.


• Blony meadows

•Norbetan Convent

• Tadeusz Kosciuszki mound


• Joseph Pilsudski mound

• Cameldolese monastery

3 hours


24 KM

420 m

Please book in advance.    This tour meets at our bike shop.

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22 KM north of Krakow nestled away is in a tiny valley lies Poland's smallest national park Ojcow, meaning 'father's' park named by one of our King's in homage to his father who based a rebellion from the park.  This area was under seawater during the mesozoic period and as a result today it is blessed with wondrous geological formations made thanks to its prehistoric sea. You will not believe how much of a contrast this scenery is to the historic nature of Krakow, not to say that Ojców does not have a history of its own.  Along the way we will get to explore the XIV century castle that belonged to 'The Eagle's Nests'; a string of castles and fortresses used to guard the medieval trading routes. Although this tour is not technically difficult, we do cover 56Km and a high level of fitness is required, but we assure you at least your eyes wont get tired.


• Red bridge

• Krakow gate

• Floating church

• Ojcow  Castle

• Pieskowa Skala palace

6 hours


56 KM

480 m

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Your first impression of Krakow may be similar to what mine was 9 years ago; this is a beautiful city but I wouldn't want to ride a road bike through its streets. Road biking is not for Krakow's city center but rather for Krakow's surrounding valleys. There are many beautiful country roads that wind up and down through the many valleys surrounding Krakow that are just wonderful to burn rubber through. Our road bike trips are for the keen cyclists who want to break a sweat while enjoying the countryside. Thanks to 'greenways', a network of bike routes in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech republic, this route has become a recognized bike path that is safe to ride at high velocities.

Please book in advance.    This tour meets at our bike shop.

• Astronomical observatory

• Vistula river

•  Camaldolese monastery

• Krakow valleys


58 KM

a multi-day bike tour

3 hours

467 m

Eagles' Nests
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'The Eagles' Nests' get their name from the string of fortresses and castles that run along the ridge from Krakow to Czestochowa.  These structures are built high atop limestone cliffs that make it difficult to capture and easy to defend like that of an eagle's nest.  Our bike tour takes you to see six of those castles, some in ruins while others newly restored.  Not only will this be a historically interesting bike ride but the geography make it a challenging and picturesque journey. With three days of biking and and one day visiting bright hill, in Czestochowa, home of the Black Madonna this is a ride through the wondrous valleys of southern Poland to the holiest site in our country; the Pauline Monastery of Czestochowa.  This trip includes three nights accommodation with one spa day,  breakfasts, MTB bike rental, health insurance, and a guide. Vehicle support will be available on-call. We will be biking 50-65Km daily and averaging 450 meters of climbing.   Don't miss this annual opportunity to see a side of Poland you never imagined existed.

• fortresses

• Castles

• valleys


• Ojcow National Park

• the Black Madonna

• Limestone cliffs

• Bledowski dessert

• Monasteries

4 days


171 KM

1350 m

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