Tour 1 - Mounds Tour • 22-35Km •

This tour is for those that can only spend half a day on a bike, as the Wolski forest is minutes from the old town and is equipped with numerous trails for every level of mountain biker. On this tour the historical attractions are the mounds of Tadeusz Kościusko and Joseph Piłsudski, two of Polands independence fighters. The mounds were built by citizens in homage to these famous war heroes. Our guide will choose your descent based on your riding level. These mounds are nestled in the Wolski natural reserve. A 417 hectare forest full of trails ranging from intermediate, to Poland's first official advanced single track.


Tour 2 - Ojców National Park Tour • 56 KM •

Only 20 Km north of our bike shop nestled in a narrow valley lies Poland's smallest national park, Ojców. This area was under seawater during the mesozoic period and as a result today it is blessed with wondrous geological formations made thanks to its prehistoric sea. You will not believe how much of a contrast this scenery is to the historic nature of Krakow, not to say that Ojców does not have a history of its own.  Along the way we will get to explore the XIV century castle that belonged to 'The Eagle's Nests'; a string of castles and fortresses used to guard the trading routes. Although this tour is not technically difficult, we do cover 56Km and a high level of fitness is required, but we assure you at least your eyes wont get tired.



Please book in advance.    This tour meets at our bike shop.