We offer a wide array of services, can order parts and will repair most things! Call for details.


Full review (whole bike) 75 zł

Small review (crank , lubrication, brakes) 40 zł

Interlacing wheels (new rim spokes assumption) 35 zł

Centering (spokes) 20 zł

Adjusting brakes 10 zł

Overview hub (lubrication) 25 zł

Overview gears, adjustable 20 zł

Replacing bottom bracket (crank, guard, wreaths) 25 zł

Replacing the helm-steering (wreaths) 25 zł

Replacing tires 10 zł

Replacing the chain 10 zł

cleaning the bike 15 zł

chain lubrication 10 zł

replacement lamp (bulb) 10 zł

replacement pedals 10 zł

replacement saddles 10 zł