Let me first the describe the ordeal I had getting onto the flight.  I showed up to the airport in Krakow a good two and a half hours before the flight with bike packed in a cardboard box. I checked the weight of my luggage before check in and it weighed in at 38 kilos a good 6 kilos more than allowed.  As I was flying with Emirates I had hoped like in asia they wouldn’t bother weighing me in.  Upon checkin I was asked if I had my visa for Australia, as I was going to stop in Sydney for a few days to visit a friend.  I was suprised to hear that as a Canadian, and fellow commonwealth citizen, I too needed a visa, even though it was the Electronic transit visa which is bought online. I told the lady at the checkin that I would apply for it and return, but I made her aware that I was bringing my bike with me. Even though I bought my ticket through Emirates the flight to Dubai was operated by Dubai air.  She told me to first get the visa and then we will talk about the bike.  I waited until just before the check in closed and still did not receive my visa confirmation.  I approached the check in lady once again and requested that she give me my boarding card to Dubai and by time I get there I should have my Visa for Austrailia.  She confirmed that this was an option the only catch was that I had to recheck my luggage.  It was time to weigh the bike as I knew it was over weight I tried to lift the box with my shoulder to give a lesser reading but I was found out Instantly and asked to step away from the box. She told me firstly that Dubai air does not take sporting goods, secondly it was too heavy to take. I took the bag off of the scale and tore apart my wonderful packing job to gather would I could and save some weight. I managed to get it down to the needed 31.7 kilograms.  She responded positively that the weight is now acceptable however Dubai air does not take sporting equipment.  I told her I bought my ticket through Emirates and specifically called their customer service to let them know in advanced that I would be taking my bike.  He assured me on the line that it would not be a problem.  Even after I told him my flight connection.  As a result ten minutes before the check in closure I was given a form to sign that I was aware of the fact that I may arrive in Dubai without my luggage.  You can imagine the frustration and pressure I felt as my flight was soon to leave.  I signed the form like a forced confession and headed to the boarding gate with three pieces of hand luggage.  Upon boarding the plane through the sleeve I noticed some service men coming in from the outside.  I asked if they were handling the luggage to which they replied rhetorically ‘do we look like we handle luggage.’  In my head I answered affirmatively.  Still no sign of my box.   When I found my seat I kept hovering across the aisle to the windows to see if I could see my box being loaded.  The other passengers must have thought I was extremely afraid of flying.  The flight from Krakow to Dubai is 6 hours and at this time I pondered what options I had if my bike didn’t show.  Alas with a sigh of relief it had.  I had to get that off my chest.  Now let’s move on to the good stuff.

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